Fragile transportation specialist - photo of fragile goods being movedSpecialist Fragile Transportation

LSA has the ability and expertise to arrange transportation of fragile goods by road throughout the UK and Europe. Past projects have required us to move top-heavy cabinets, glass units on castors and lighting units within the UK, across Europe and across the turbulent Irish Sea, on operations that other transport companies have refused to quote or have failed in the past.

LSA has the knowledge and abilities to arrange specialist vehicles with such as Moffetts, hiabs and artic curtainsiders, all with professionally trained drivers to load, secure, transport and offload items of all shapes, sizes and nature, including hazardous goods, even explosives. LSA regularly organizes consignments of explosive shipments, both within the UK and worldwide and we can even arrange the packaging of the goods to comply with the ever stricter HMRC and airline requirements.

If your company has fragile or awkwardly shaped goods to transport, please call LSA on 0208 570 2909 for a complete appraisal of the options that we can provide to your company.