Dedicated in-house transport solution - photo of inside of a shopDedicated Transport

In the past, LSA has provided in-house staff members to advise, oversee and organise a wide range of transport types for our customers. In one case, when our brief started as an in-house courier desk, the trial was so successful that we were appointed to run all the transport for this major international client, including all UK movement of hazardous goods by road, air courier, cargo imports by sea from the USA, South Africa, Korea and India, and hazardous air cargo, both import and export, worldwide.

If you believe that your company needs a Dedicated Transport Logistics Department, but the costs associated with it impact on your company's profitability, why not consider contracting out this side of the business. We at LSA would be only too happy to offer a free consultation. Please phone 0118 903 4184 or e-mail for further details.